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Great app

Help me set up my hi Fi stereo with just my iPad. Lots of options and easy to use!

Good App Gone Bad

Update Crashes every time. Deleted and re-installed. Same thing. Developer must not care about reviews. I hate to say anything bad about this app, because I use it all the time, but the new patch I just installed is buggy. It's crashed 3 times in about a minute. Every time you double tap the screen it crashes. I made a change in the options and it crashed. I ran my memory management app and it did the same thing.


Loved this app for a long time! Thanks for the 4" support!

Great app!

Great app which is easy to use and I use quite frequently but I would like to be able to output and email fft data in a text column format or excel... Can you please include this enhancement? Thanks!


Far, far better than an RTA, and with a signal generator to boot. Super easy to use. I absolutely love this app!

Nice app. Would like to see...

Works as advertised. Nice online tutorial is available. Would really like to see two features added to make it less of a toy and more of a useful tool. 1) The ability to store the actual data and upload it to a PC. That is, not just a screen shot. 2) An A-weighted scale option.

AERCO mic preamps

EXCELLENT! Very nice to have 16 K points, good user interface. Be nice to clear display from front panel- say double-tap?

Useful Toy

First of all, if you use sound systems, buy this app. Even if you own top shelf gear like I do (2 TEF analyzers, SMARRT, B&K mics with calibrators etc) you will use this A LOT because it is in your pocket. I bought most of the Studio Six apps, and except for RT60 they are pretty handy. They do NOT take the place of real gear for a bunch or reasons like non pro connectors, poor dynamic range, lack of frequency extension, characteristics of the built-in iPhone mic etc., and the only archiving is saving a pic of the screen, and when you do that it doesn't show what settings you have selected for that measurement. I am hoping that the long promised external mic helps fix a couple of these items. Enough of the negatives...I use this app several times every day. If I had to give it back I would be bummed. Buy it.

Working awesome

Great Job excellent app Buy it 

Stop wondering and just BUY IT! Definitely worth it.

Apps like this make an iphone worth owning. I am a pro sound engineer, I work a lot of different rooms. Believe the hype, this app is VERY accurate. The only place it needs improvement is in the sub frequencies (below about 150), but this is a limitation of the iphone internal mic-can't wait for the stereo mic these guys are making to release. BUY IT! You won't regret it.

Fantastic FFT app

Loaded quickly and ran as advertised. Very responsive, with plenty of options and settings. Signal generator nice feature. Worth more than $20. I debated about RTA vs FFT. Glad I went with FFT. With all the knobs, I get the info I need. Great resolution and range. May still buy RTA. Great tool set with all your apps studio six digital. Keep up the good work!

Very useful

I can't call frequencies. This app does it with great precision. Don' forget to turn auto tracking on.

Great app!!

Great app!!! Does the job of much higher end equipment for only $19!!! Check out their other audio apps as well. All are fantastic!!

An excellent tool

This is an excellent, well designed tool. I have already used it twice to tune systems, and am quite impressed. If I could suggest a minor improvement, it would be great if the image could be flippable; the mic may be ostensibly omni, but I definitely noticed more accurate results when orienting it towards the speaker, which meant I would have to turn myself around on odd directions in order to get good results. While this isn't a replacement for full SIMM, Smaart or Spectra-Foo systems, it is certainly capable of analyzing the way speakers behave in a room, and helping a good pair of ears to tune it up.

Great app for the pros who need quick analysis

I am a professional freelance audio engineer and work in different locations every day with different consoles and different clients ranging from presidents to concerts. I have a pretty keen ear for pinpointing a specific frequency but when I am on the run this app is a great help. Usually I use a program called Smaart Live, a $700 RTA program created by EAW, but this app is a definite must for those who would need it, otherwise a fun toy -but a little expensive. The analysis is weighted for the iPhone mic, and it does pick up frequencies down to 30Hz. The decebel meter is fairly accurate.

Great tool

I was at a show mixing a bunch of live vocals and instruments when I recieved an email about the release of this app, so I downloded it and put it to work rightaway, from FOH measuring against my dbx rta using the HiQnet system architect on a rig of jbl vertec 88's and vertec 80 subs, this little app came incredibly close but for the limitation that the iPhones built in mic can't handle spl's higher then about 100db. As for the pink noise generator, works like a charm. I'm really looking forward to the external mic. Hoping it'll be able to handle higher spl's, I'll be one of the first ones to buy it. Thanks for a great app :-)


Works exactly as described and a breeze to use. Anxious to see just how it performs with a "real" calibrated mic - the new iMM. A little costly by the Apps store standards but I feel for such great portable performance it is not a bad price.

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